Giving Up Alcohol With The Help Of Hypnotherapy

Whether you’re taking part in Dry January, giving up those cigarettes once and for all, or just trying to stick to whatever resolutions you’ve decided on, achieving those “New Year New You” results are often easier said than done. Let’s be honest, those first few booze free days are usually a breeze until it hits the weekend that is! And if you do manage to make it through Saturday night without a glass of wine or two, then going out for a meal for your brother in-law’s birthday, or a night out with the girls can end up proving a real challenge. No more cocktails after work, no more meeting your mates for a pint, making a commitment to giving up alcohol (even just for a month) can actually grow to be a near-impossible task for some people. So, if this sounds like you, then luckily hypnotherapy can help!

Hypnotherapy involves putting you into a fully conscious state of deep relaxation which makes your mind more open to taking on positive suggestions which in turn allows you to more easily change your habits or decide on new pathways so it is perfect for those who want to cut out alcohol, or even just reduce the amount that they imbibe. Safe, quick and easy to do, hypnotherapy is not an invasive therapy and is one that anyone can undergo at any time. Aimed at giving you back control over your life and your choices, after anywhere from one to eight sessions you will start to feel the cravings and pressures to drink alcohol melt away.

Whether you are trying to overcome a full-blown alcohol addiction, or just a penchant for a night-cap or two, hypnotherapy won’t make you repulsed by a drink entirely, but it will make you content and happy with the choice not to have another one. In the case of alcohol addicts, the relaxation techniques involved in hypnotherapy will allow the individual to access their unconscious mind and discover the cause of the unhappiness and the addiction, and understanding why alcohol is a problem is a key factor in making sure that that problem goes away. Once the problem is identified, then hypnosis will help the individual to come up with better attitudes towards alcohol, ultimately helping their dependence. In the case of people who have a serious alcohol dependence, additional medication may need to be prescribed from a doctor alongside hypnotherapy treatment to help the person cope with withdrawal symptoms, vitamin deficiencies and malnutrition associated with chronic drinkers.

For those with a serious problem more hypnotherapy sessions may be required, but if you’re looking to simply lessen the amount you drink, but you don’t have the will-power, then hypnotherapy is the perfect solution to kick-starting a healthier and more productive year!

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