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Losing Weight With The Help of Hypnotherapy

Every single time January rolls around do you find yourself making promise after promise that this year will be different? That this year you will stick to your goal? This this will be the year that you lose that unwanted weight once and for all? If this sounds like you, then hypnotherapy could be the solution to all your formerly empty promises, and 2018 really could be the year that you achieve your dreams.

We’ve all been there: it’s December and the mince pies are being passed around for a fourth time, you take another scoop of roast potatoes with your Christmas dinner, and have another glass of mulled wine, because “It’s Christmas!” after all, and anyway, in a few short days you’ll be starting your traditional New Year diet, so you might as well stock up on all of those treats you won’t be allowed while there’s still time. Sound familiar?

Research shows that approximately 90% of New Year diets will have failed by the end of January 1st each year, so if you don’t want to fall into that startling statistic, then why not give hypnotherapy a go to help you become slimmer and healthier this year?

Hypnotherapy is a form of psychotherapy that involves putting the person into a fully conscious state of deep relaxation in order to communicate with their subconscious to create change. For this reason, hypnotherapy is a great choice for those who want to cut down the amount of food that they eat, and ultimately lose weight.

When it comes to overeating, there is usually an underlying psychological or emotional cause for this addiction to food, and although we need food for sustenance and to survive some people have developed a much more complicated relationship with how, what and when they eat, changing these attitudes and feelings towards food is pivotal in overcoming its hold on your life.


The key to all addictions, no matter what or how severe they are is ‘control’, and through one or more hypnotherapy sessions you too can learn how to control the impact that food has on your life, as well learning how to control your emotions if and when times get tough. It is these stressful and unpredictable times that will really be the challenge when overcoming a food addiction, and if you can use hypnotherapy to teach you how to manage your emotions without turning to food then you will live a longer, happier and healthier life overall.

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